The City of Summit was reincorporated in March of 1899. Sitting atop the Watchung Mountain, the city was a pivotal point in the Revolutionary War. Because of its high elevation it was used to light bonfire beacons which helped to warn the New Jersey Militiamen of enemy troops approaching. Today many of the local historians help to keep the memories of the history of Summit alive.

The architecture of Summit was created in the nineteenth century when wealthy residents of New York City retreated here during the summer months. They enjoyed the tranquility and fresh air. Many would travel by train and spend the weekend relaxing from the city life. This is when the luxury hotels came to exist in Summit. One such hotel, The Blackburn House, which was built in 1868 on Springfield Avenue, underwent reconstruction in 1929 and became known as the Summit Suburban Hotel. It has since been renovated in 1986 and is now known as Grand Summit Hotel, which caters to executives who choose to visit corporations in Summit as well as nearby areas. Summit is framed with architect designed upscale homes.


Tree lined streets provide the entrance to the shopping district in Summit. At the center of Summit you will find plenty of small shops that thrive in the region. Excellent shopping is enjoyed by the residents and visitors, an alternative to the larger shopping plaza, which is in nearby Short Hills, New Jersey. It is here where you can find unique and personal items such as frames, books, old world olive oil, spices, teas, toys and even something for your favorite pet.


If you are considering joining the growing population in Summit, you will be happy to know that the school system is nothing short of excellent. Recent numbers prove that children who attend these schools are more likely to go on to higher education. With an eighty nine percent of graduates doing just that it is no wonder people are embracing the school system. The schools are comprised of five elementary, Summit Middle School and Summit High School, along with a number of private schools.


Life in Summit can be summed up as tranquil and serene. It boasts a whopping 496 acres and offers a beautiful place to enjoy the great outdoors. There are many great outdoor activities to include baseball, softball, soccer, basketball, roller skating, tennis and a wonderful playground for the children.

There is also the Reeves-Reed Arboretum which is 12 acres in size and is owned by the city. The Arboretum offers extensive adult and child education programs that are centered on nature. Additionally contained amongst the 12 acres, you will find an Olympic-sized municipal pool for residents to take advantage of. With an array of scheduled events, the New Jersey center for Visual Aids offers daily classes as well as art galleries of the 20th century.

Summit has several restaurants that cater to a variety of tastes such as Village Trattoria, Roots Steak House, Huntley Tavern, La Pastaria, Negeen Persian, and Sunny Asian Sushi and Asian Cuisine.


Summit is home to many landmarks that are rich in history.

Newman Hall is one of the first mansions built in Summit in the late nineteenth century. Its residents included the Truslow Family. Today it is owned by the Oratory Prep School.

    • The Summit Opera House built in the 1890’s by the Women’s Christian Temperance Union. Currently Winberie’s Restaurant occupies the first floor.
    • The DeBary inn was built in 1880 and remained a private residence to Frederick DeBary until 1923.
    • One of the popular amenities in downtown Summit is the Promenade. It was gifted by the Summit Area Development Corporation, which is a nonprofit group that is dedicated to providing aesthetic improvements in Summit and nearby areas.


With a population of just under 22,000 people, Summit has an average median income per household of just over $114,000.

Since Summit is so conveniently located in proximity to New York City – only 22 miles away – the real estate is often very expensive ranging anywhere from $800,000 to $2 million+.

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Summit City Real Estate Listings

Active Listings in Summit City

131 Broad St Summit City, NJ 07901-3971
3 beds 1 bath $2,000
72 Broad St Summit City, NJ 07901-4015
Photo of 72 Broad St, Summit City, NJ 07901-4015 (MLS # 3665417)
2 beds 2 baths 1,263 sqft $349,000
412 Morris Ave Unit 30 Summit City, NJ 07901-1533
Photo of 412 Morris Ave Unit 30, Summit City, NJ 07901-1533 (MLS # 3665357)
2 beds 2 baths $379,900
149 Hillcrest Ave Summit City, NJ 07901-2241
Photo of 149 Hillcrest Ave, Summit City, NJ 07901-2241 (MLS # 3665309)
6 beds 7 baths 6,300 sqft $3,250,000
71 Pine Grove Ave Summit City, NJ 07901-2436
Photo of 71 Pine Grove Ave, Summit City, NJ 07901-2436 (MLS # 3665304)
4 beds 3 baths $1,100,000
20 Eggers Ct, Unit 20 Summit City, NJ 07901-6701
Photo of 20 Eggers Ct, Unit 20, Summit City, NJ 07901-6701 (MLS # 3665106)
3 beds 4 baths 2,385 sqft $789,000
46 Beverly Rd Summit City, NJ 07901-1650
Photo of 46 Beverly Rd, Summit City, NJ 07901-1650 (MLS # 3665066)
4 beds 3 baths $1,079,000
103 Park Ave Unit D1 Summit City, NJ 07901-3949
Photo of 103 Park Ave Unit D1, Summit City, NJ 07901-3949 (MLS # 3664872)
2 beds 3 baths 2,015 sqft $459,000
49 Park Ave Summit City, NJ 07901-3926
Photo of 49 Park Ave, Summit City, NJ 07901-3926 (MLS # 3664836)
1 bed 1 bath $1,895
746 Springfield Ave Summit City, NJ 07901-2314
Photo of 746 Springfield Ave, Summit City, NJ 07901-2314 (MLS # 3664793)
3 beds 3 baths $575,000
189 Ashland Rd Summit City, NJ 07901-3240
Photo of 189 Ashland Rd, Summit City, NJ 07901-3240 (MLS # 3664761)
3 beds 2 baths $689,000
746 Springfield Ave Summit City, NJ 07901-2314
Photo of 746 Springfield Ave, Summit City, NJ 07901-2314 (MLS # 3664732)
3 beds 3 baths $575,000
14 Shunpike Rd Summit City, NJ 07901-4210
Photo of 14 Shunpike Rd, Summit City, NJ 07901-4210 (MLS # 3664510)
3 beds 3 baths $4,000
10 Waldron Ave Summit City, NJ 07901
Photo of 10 Waldron Ave, Summit City, NJ 07901 (MLS # 3664087)
4 beds 4 baths $6,800
47 Twombly Drive Summit City, NJ 07901-2306
Photo of 47 Twombly Drive, Summit City, NJ 07901-2306 (MLS # 3663984)
4 beds 3 baths $1,499,000

Sold Listings in Summit City

1 Lorraine Rd Summit City, NJ 07901-1932
4 beds 0 baths $1,475,000
390 Morris Ave Unit 9 Summit City, NJ 07901-4716
2 beds 0 baths $270,000
131 Orchard St Summit City, NJ 07901-4218
3 beds 0 baths $600,000
9 Stony Hill Ct Summit City, NJ 07901-3059
4 beds 0 baths $1,195,000
119 Ashwood Ave Summit City, NJ 07901-3820
Photo of 119 Ashwood Ave, Summit City, NJ 07901-3820 (MLS # 3652442)
3 beds 0 baths $495,000
11 Euclid Ave Unit 4d Summit City, NJ 07901-2114
2 beds 0 baths $575,000
38 Oakley Ave Summit City, NJ 07901-1718
4 beds 0 baths $1,050,000
25 Hill Crest Ave Summit City, NJ 07901-2010
5 beds 0 baths $2,750,000
45 Michigan Ave Summit City, NJ 07901-3808
3 beds 0 baths $545,000
251 Oak Ridge Ave Summit City, NJ 07901-3258
3 beds 0 baths $1,600,000
14 Ashland Road Summit City, NJ 07901-3460
Photo of 14 Ashland Road, Summit City, NJ 07901-3460 (MLS # 3640517)
4 beds 0 baths $815,000
38 Templar Way Summit City, NJ 07901-3721
Photo of 38 Templar Way, Summit City, NJ 07901-3721 (MLS # 3641381)
5 beds 0 baths $1,800,000
168 Ashland Rd Summit City, NJ 07901-3243
3 beds 0 baths $960,000
29 Fay Pl Summit City, NJ 07901-1415
3 beds 0 baths $540,000
127 Tulip St Summit City, NJ 07901-3412
5 beds 0 baths $1,437,500

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