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In the 1830s, the building of the Morris & Essex Railroad sparked interest and growth in Millburn. The railroad regularly traveled through Millburn as a means of transporting coal from Pennsylvania to New York. When Stewart Hartshorn was looking for a place to establish a community in the early 1870s, he found the perfect community – already a commuter suburb of NYC – in Millburn and thus established Short Hills with the inclusion of a second train station.

Hartshorn purchased a tract of land consisting of 1,550 acres and making use of the existing terrain formed a planned community by the name of Short Hills. Over the course of a few years, he built 50 homes in the community using blue traprock and wood, many of which are still standing today. The houses were themed in tune with Greek revival along with the Victorian era and consisted of many acres per home. Stewart Hartshorn’s presence is still widely felt throughout Millburn Township in many of their practices, especially those regarding nature.


If you like the look of interesting styles and architecture, Millburn is the place to be. While the plots are smaller since these houses have since been subdivided into smaller lots that consist of ½-acre to 1-acre in size, it still offers the resident quite a bit of historical value.

Many of the homes that you will find on the southeast part of town in the Wyoming section are those of olden eras. This includes historic farm houses, Victorian homes, Colonials and Tudor-style homes. South Mountain offers Colonials and Tudors, and you will find mostly Colonials in Glenwood as well. If you travel on over to the Country Club section of Millburn, you will find a vast variation of styles, most of which were developed in the 1950s. Travel to the north side of the train station, where the old neighborhood of Short Hills is and you will get a glimpse of the most prestigious homes in the area, some of which range up to $5 million.


Parents who are looking for excellent schools to educate their children will find the finest schools in New Jersey right here in the Millburn Township Public School System. In addition to five elementary schools that offer grades K-5, there is a single middle school and a single high school in the community. The majority of the students who graduate from Millburn High School go onto further their education at colleges around the country. It is not uncommon for graduates to receive numerous National Merit Scholarships or even a Presidential Scholar.

You will never be hard-pressed to find something to do. The Township of Millburn boasts many recreational activities and conveniences. There are two downtown locations, at both ends of Millburn Avenue that offer ice cream parlors, hardware stores, beauty shops, galleries, banks and gift stores. You will also find several interesting restaurants to eat at, no matter what your personal tastes are.

Shopping is available too – visit the Short Hills Mall that boasts over 1-million square feet and contains several popular luxury stores including Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci and Giorgio Armani to name a few.

Accommodations can be found right across the street from the Short Hills Mall where you will find a 300+ room Hilton.

If recreations are what you are looking for, Gero Park located off of White Oak Ridge Road is the perfect stop. Here you can play golf on the nine hole course, swim in the town pool or take advantage of three baseball diamonds along with four tennis courts.

Head on over to the Cora Hartshorn Arboretum which encompasses 16 acres and you get another glimpse into the life of the Hartshorns. Located on Forest Drive, the Arboretum was designed by Stewart Hartshorn’s daughter. Over on Brookside Drive, you can partake in theatre events including musicals, children’s events and plays.


Things are kept personal in the Township of Millburn with the governing body consisting of a committee of five elected members who each serve a three-year term. This committee is responsible for choosing a Millburn resident each year to serve as the mayor.

In addition, a full-time forester is in charge of tree preservation efforts, homage to Stewart Hartshorn’s love of nature. Over 1,000 of the Township’s trees are estimated to be over 200 years old. Before any trees can be cut down the forester must issue a permit. It is also the duty of the forester to educate residents on tree care and planting.


The Township of Millburn is a highly desired area for residents who work in New York City and for families who enjoy the serene atmosphere the township presents. Currently, the Millburn/Short Hills housing market is offering a median average price of $1,060,000.

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Millburn Twp. Real Estate Listings

Active Listings in Millburn Twp.

57 Locust Ave Millburn Twp., NJ 07041-1553
Photo of 57 Locust Ave, Millburn Twp., NJ 07041-1553 (MLS # 3680903)
5 beds 5 baths $1,588,000
305 Lupine Way Millburn Twp., NJ 07078-2313
Photo of 305 Lupine Way, Millburn Twp., NJ 07078-2313 (MLS # 3680636)
4 beds 3 baths 2,178 sqft $1,118,000
47 Meadowbrook Rd Millburn Twp., NJ 07078-3329
Photo of 47 Meadowbrook Rd, Millburn Twp., NJ 07078-3329 (MLS # 3680738)
4 beds 3 baths $4,900
5 Brookside Dr Millburn Twp., NJ 07041-1604
2 beds 1 bath $499,999
12 Eliot Pl Millburn Twp., NJ 07078-3101
Photo of 12 Eliot Pl, Millburn Twp., NJ 07078-3101 (MLS # 3680259)
6 beds 4 baths 3,839 sqft $1,450,000
106 Glen Ave Millburn Twp., NJ 07041
Photo of 106 Glen Ave, Millburn Twp., NJ 07041 (MLS # 3680219)
4 beds 3 baths $4,500
5 Farley Rd Millburn Twp., NJ 07078-2107
Photo of 5 Farley Rd, Millburn Twp., NJ 07078-2107 (MLS # 3679649)
6 beds 6 baths $12,000
211 Main St, Unit 5 Millburn Twp., NJ 07041-1103
Photo of 211 Main St, Unit 5, Millburn Twp., NJ 07041-1103 (MLS # 3679510)
1 bed 1 bath $1,200
261 Dale Dr Millburn Twp., NJ 07078-1513
Photo of 261 Dale Dr, Millburn Twp., NJ 07078-1513 (MLS # 3679465)
3 beds 3 baths 2,048 sqft $1,250,000
109 Glen Ave Millburn Twp., NJ 07041-1715
Photo of 109 Glen Ave, Millburn Twp., NJ 07041-1715 (MLS # 3679424)
4 beds 3 baths $949,000
15 Wayside Millburn Twp., NJ 07078-1838
Photo of 15 Wayside, Millburn Twp., NJ 07078-1838 (MLS # 3679356)
4 beds 4 baths $885,000
286 Hartshorn Drive Millburn Twp., NJ 07078-1915
Photo of 286 Hartshorn Drive, Millburn Twp., NJ 07078-1915 (MLS # 3679087)
7 beds 8 baths 8,500 sqft $4,795,000
44 Exeter Road Millburn Twp., NJ 07078-1428
Photo of 44 Exeter Road, Millburn Twp., NJ 07078-1428 (MLS # 3678987)
4 beds 4 baths $1,448,000
121 Lawrence Dr Millburn Twp., NJ 07078-3123
Photo of 121 Lawrence Dr, Millburn Twp., NJ 07078-3123 (MLS # 3678893)
7 beds 6 baths $2,099,000
116 Wellington Ave Millburn Twp., NJ 07078-2560
Photo of 116 Wellington Ave, Millburn Twp., NJ 07078-2560 (MLS # 3678262)
3 beds 3 baths $4,950

Sold Listings in Millburn Twp.

36 Haddonfield Rd Millburn Twp., NJ 07078-3402
5 beds 0 baths $1,812,000
24 Cambridge Drive Millburn Twp., NJ 07078-1925
4 beds 0 baths $1,680,000
20 Coleridge Rd Millburn Twp., NJ 07078-1811
6 beds 0 baths $2,275,000
18 Nottingham Rd Millburn Twp., NJ 07078-2037
7 beds 0 baths $1,505,000
46 Great Hills Ter Millburn Twp., NJ 07078-1303
7 beds 0 baths $3,028,000
106 Glen Ave Millburn Twp., NJ 07041-1716
4 beds 0 baths $645,000
32 Great Hills Rd Millburn Twp., NJ 07078-3010
5 beds 0 baths $1,420,000
15 Martindale Rd Millburn Twp., NJ 07078-1708
4 beds 0 baths $900,000
10 Joanna Way Millburn Twp., NJ 07078-3240
5 beds 0 baths $2,250,000
172 Myrtle Avenue Millburn Twp., NJ 07041-1549
5 beds 0 baths $1,026,000
11 Vincent Ln Millburn Twp., NJ 07078
4 beds 0 baths $1,362,000
29 Haddonfield Rd Millburn Twp., NJ 07078-3416
4 beds 0 baths $1,093,000
817 Ridgewood Rd Millburn Twp., NJ 07041-1547
5 beds 0 baths $829,000
25 Hawthorne Rd Millburn Twp., NJ 07078-3403
Photo of 25 Hawthorne Rd, Millburn Twp., NJ 07078-3403 (MLS # 3662892)
4 beds 0 baths $1,480,000
83 Wellington Ave Millburn Twp., NJ 07078-3338
4 beds 0 baths $1,150,000

Millburn Twp. School Data

Millburn Twp. School Districts

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Millburn Twp. Schools

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