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Maplewood, NJ Real Estate Analysis

If you take the time to talk to newcomers of Maplewood, New Jersey, you will undoubtedly hear similar tales. A young couple has become fed up with the high rents in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn where they have almost no space of their own.

Perhaps they have a baby on the way, or they are simply looking for more space and wish to purchase a home of their own. Looking out of town towards the suburbs is the answer, but they don’t want to venture too far because one or both of them works in New York City.


The image that you encounter in Maplewood is far from an illusion. In the past 30 years, very little has changed. In addition to the art gallery and local bagel shop, there is an old-fashioned luncheonette where you will find neighbors sitting and enjoying each other’s company while talking about the latest events.

Maplewood consists of a four-mile radius and it is the ultimate vision of the suburbs. Walk the tranquil streets and you will see the streets as well as the parks and sidewalks lined with Tudor and Colonial style homes enveloped in tall trees. Maplewood also has a downtown area, which is affectionately known by residents as “the village.” Here you will find quaint shops that are family owned and dedicated to the residents of Maplewood.

Even the supermarket in the downtown area – Kings – creates the atmosphere of a country store rather than a supermarket chain.


Maplewood is a town that is surrounded by natural beauty and it lives and breathes the small town atmosphere. The town meets the South Mountain Reservation, which is a recreation preserve that encompasses 2,020 acres. Here you will have the opportunity to take advantage of numerous hiking trails and picnic grounds for family outings. Residents also take advantage of the six parks as well as the award-winning outdoor pool.


It’s hard to believe that a town that seems so quaint and perfect can be so affordable. New residents to the area are drawn to the natural beauty of Maplewood, but they remain here due to the strong sense of community that not only keeps community traditions strong, but also fosters a closeness of neighbors.

The community has approximately 23,000 residents and the homes primarily consist of olden era architecture such as Victorians, Colonials and Tudors which dominate the majority of single family homes. You cannot drive or walk down the block without admiring the beautifully established landscaping that these homes boast.


Only 18 miles from Manhattan, Maplewood residents who travel to the big City for employment usually do so by train. The train ride is approximately 30 minutes during the busiest hours of the day, including rush hour.

Another factor that draws families here is the fact that the homes in Maplewood are affordable, especially considering the amount of convenience that you get for the price tag. Current market trends have homes selling from the mid $100s through over $700,000 with the median sales price being around $429,601. Larger homes in the area start around $350,000 and usually offer larger property for the growing family or landscaping enthusiast.


Notwithstanding, like the surrounding areas, Maplewood residents share a quality school district with neighboring South Orange. The school district consists of six elementary schools. The number of middle schools is two while only a single high school exists, but carries with it a reputation for academic excellence. In addition to advanced placement options, Columbia High School also offers vocational courses and college prep courses to help students grow. Journalism and film making classes are also available as are 25 active clubs and 23 varsity sports options.

The Township Committee is made up of five women and men as well as a mayor.

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Maplewood Twp. Real Estate Listings

Active Listings in Maplewood Twp.

76 Hillcrest Rd Maplewood Twp., NJ 07040-1628
Photo of 76 Hillcrest Rd, Maplewood Twp., NJ 07040-1628 (MLS # 3646991)
3 beds 3 baths $479,000
11 Lewis Dr Maplewood Twp., NJ 07040-1005
Photo of 11 Lewis Dr, Maplewood Twp., NJ 07040-1005 (MLS # 3646953)
4 beds 5 baths $800,000
202 Parker Ave Maplewood Twp., NJ 07040-1612
Photo of 202 Parker Ave, Maplewood Twp., NJ 07040-1612 (MLS # 3646915)
0 beds 0 baths $1,950
19 Warner Rd Maplewood Twp., NJ 07040-2010
Photo of 19 Warner Rd, Maplewood Twp., NJ 07040-2010 (MLS # 3646787)
3 beds 3 baths $700,000
32 Wetmore Ave Maplewood Twp., NJ 07040-1518
Photo of 32 Wetmore Ave, Maplewood Twp., NJ 07040-1518 (MLS # 3646643)
3 beds 3 baths $524,900
30 Brookwood Dr Maplewood Twp., NJ 07040-1905
Photo of 30 Brookwood Dr, Maplewood Twp., NJ 07040-1905 (MLS # 3646541)
4 beds 4 baths $569,000
727 Valley St Maplewood Twp., NJ 07040-2644
Photo of 727 Valley St, Maplewood Twp., NJ 07040-2644 (MLS # 3646463)
3 beds 3 baths $489,000
52 Curtiss Pl Maplewood Twp., NJ 07040-2102
Photo of 52 Curtiss Pl, Maplewood Twp., NJ 07040-2102 (MLS # 3646436)
6 beds 5 baths $1,275,000
40 Fernwood Rd Maplewood Twp., NJ 07040-1622
Photo of 40 Fernwood Rd, Maplewood Twp., NJ 07040-1622 (MLS # 3647122)
3 beds 2 baths $425,000
18 Yale St Maplewood Twp., NJ 07040-2706
Photo of 18 Yale St, Maplewood Twp., NJ 07040-2706 (MLS # 3646498)
3 beds 3 baths $659,000
47 Bowdoin St Maplewood Twp., NJ 07040-3133
Photo of 47 Bowdoin St, Maplewood Twp., NJ 07040-3133 (MLS # 3646494)
3 beds 4 baths $729,000
15 Midland Blvd Maplewood Twp., NJ 07040-1743
Photo of 15 Midland Blvd, Maplewood Twp., NJ 07040-1743 (MLS # 3646310)
5 beds 4 baths $769,000
3 Laurel Ave Maplewood Twp., NJ 07040-3502
Photo of 3 Laurel Ave, Maplewood Twp., NJ 07040-3502 (MLS # 3645822)
4 beds 3 baths $425,000
15 Nelson Pl, Unit 2L Maplewood Twp., NJ 07040-3007
Photo of 15 Nelson Pl, Unit 2L, Maplewood Twp., NJ 07040-3007 (MLS # 3645454)
3 beds 1 bath $2,075
27 Mountain Ave Maplewood Twp., NJ 07040-2541
Photo of 27 Mountain Ave, Maplewood Twp., NJ 07040-2541 (MLS # 3645310)
5 beds 3 baths $999,000

Sold Listings in Maplewood Twp.

29 Kensington Ter Maplewood Twp., NJ 07040-1356
3 beds 0 baths $629,000
39 Headley Pl Maplewood Twp., NJ 07040-1111
Photo of 39 Headley Pl, Maplewood Twp., NJ 07040-1111 (MLS # 3619394)
4 beds 0 baths $875,000
12 Brown St Maplewood Twp., NJ 07040-3013
0 beds 0 baths $540,000
28 Boyden Ave Maplewood Twp., NJ 07040-1647
3 beds 0 baths $245,000
114 Newark Way Maplewood Twp., NJ 07040-3327
Photo of 114 Newark Way, Maplewood Twp., NJ 07040-3327 (MLS # 3588780)
0 beds 0 baths $518,000
61 Yale St Maplewood Twp., NJ 07040-3135
3 beds 0 baths $556,000
6 Tower Dr Maplewood Twp., NJ 07040-1008
5 beds 0 baths $905,000
63 Highland Ave Maplewood Twp., NJ 07040-2311
4 beds 0 baths $732,000
29 Hickory Dr Maplewood Twp., NJ 07040-2107
5 beds 0 baths $985,000
67 Lexington Ave Maplewood Twp., NJ 07040-3239
3 beds 0 baths $420,000
228 Hilton Ave Maplewood Twp., NJ 07040-3526
4 beds 0 baths $517,500
806 Prospect St Maplewood Twp., NJ 07040-3538
4 beds 0 baths $460,000
84 Midland Blvd Maplewood Twp., NJ 07040-1810
0 beds 0 baths $675,000
499 Summit Ave Maplewood Twp., NJ 07040-1307
6 beds 0 baths $895,000
43 Tuscan St Maplewood Twp., NJ 07040-2935
4 beds 0 baths $370,000

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