Although there are many aspects to buying and selling homes, an integrated real estate team has an incredible edge over individual agents. There is the technical expertise that goes along with the specialization of team roles which may include buyer’s agents, listing specialists, transaction coordinators and marketing personnel. But there is also a uniquely human advantage to utilising a real estate team. I believe that when a homeowner is deciding to move, the decision of where to move invariably boils down to community. Young families, for example, look for neighbors with children, parks and lots of child-friendly activities. They will consider the rigor of school systems, local athletic programs and commuting options.

The reality is that if you have grown up in a town or live there, you have the distinct advantage of knowing the community, and that is where a multi-person approach to real estate can make all the difference. Here are three examples of the value of a real estate team approach:

Understanding the Schools

If an agent lives in a town and has children, (s)he will have a deep understanding of the schools and community. In our area, Montclair, for example, has a very unique structure to its school district as it is comprised of “theme-based” magnet schools beginning in elementary. To name just a few of the choices, families can pick magnet programs in the visual arts, Montessori, environment or engineering and math. By high school, students focus on one of three specialty areas: civics, social justice or science/technology/engineering/math (STEM). This configuration makes the Montclair school system quite different than surrounding towns and complicated to grasp.

Another example is the South Orange and Maplewood school system. These two communities have a shared school district. The two towns have 6 elementary schools and two middle schools partitioned by town, but by high school there is only one public option, Columbia High School, and understanding the school district is an important facet of any decision to live there.

Figuring Out the Logistics

Managing a family is a juggling act. A long commute impacts quality of life and time at home. Supermarkets, drugstores and doctors need to be in easy driving distance. Even private and public school transportation options can affect the decision to live in a town. All of our real estate team members are current residents of the local towns, and they are familiar with the nuances of the commute as well as just living in these communities. If you have a particular interest in a town, chances are that our team has someone that either lives there or has grown up there.

Due to the proximity of New York City, the towns in our area are natural commuter havens, so there are always many interested homebuyers. The convenience of Midtown Direct, an express train service into Manhattan or the South Orange Jitney service which shuttles residents to South Orange train station, for example, can directly affect house values.  Homebuyers want to understand travel time, access to parking and the cost of permits. Who better to provide information on the logistics of living in a town than a local resident and neighborhood real estate agent?

Accessing More Buyers

It’s a numbers game. A real estate team is involved in more transactions, has more clients and covers more ground than an individual agent. When you are looking to sell your home, the person who ultimately buys it may come from a totally different town. Our team reaches into the communities where we grew up and currently live. We have contacts and process more transactions than agents that work on their own. With real access to homebuyers from numerous towns, your home will sell more quickly. 

The Victoria Carter Team Advantage

Simply put, when you are trying to buy or sell your home, a multi-person real estate team brings resources, insights and more combined experience than an individual real estate agent. If you are looking to downsize or change neighborhoods, we can help you sell your home and find a new one. Interested in purchasing a new home? We can help you track down the perfect cul-de-sac for your growing family or country estate surrounded by rolling hills.

We are part of your community, so let us show you around! Contact Victoria Carter at (973) 220-3050 or

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Victoria Carter

Victoria Carter

Broker Associate

Victoria Carter has been a resident of New Jersey since 1994 and a professional in the real estate industry since 1998. She is a multi-year winner of the Five Star Professional Award and has been a Platinum member of the NJAR Circle of Excellence from 2007-2013. Before becoming a realtor, she worked as a senior corporate executive in Manhattan at Saks Fifth Avenue. This corporate experience honed her negotiation skills as well as her competitive nature. These qualities give Victoria an edge when she negotiates on her client's behalf. In addition, she remains active in the community and is a member of the Junior League of the Oranges and Short Hills.

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